Travelers' Testimonial

Travelling with Solomon/Anini Tours for several weeks in different regions of Ethiopia was a fantastic experience!  He provided a well organised and flexible tour and nothing was too much trouble. 
  He has a good knowledge of the country and places to visit and was always
happy to answer our many questions.
Pam and Juanita
Solomon is very personable and has a great sense of humour and mischief! He is also a good safe driver and his mechanical skills are a real bonus.
Highly recommended!!
~ Juanita Doorey Perth Western Australia ~
 25th December, 2005
 To whom it may concern;
 We have just completed a 12 day trip to the south of Ethiopia with Solomon.
 We were, at first. Apprehensive about booking our trip without using a travel agent. We booked with only the recommendation of an employee a tour hotel.
 After our experience we can highly recommend Solomon for the following reasons.
 Shane  MaryHonesty Safe Driver
  1.  Car well maintained (good tires and knowledge of mechanics)
  2.  Knowledgeable about his country
  3.  Courteous, friendly (a lot fun)
  4.  Camping equipment provided, clean and comfortable
 We hope this note provides you with comfort in making your decision
 ~ Shane & Mary from Kelowna, B.C Canada ~
  Solomon, thank you very much for everything. You are very Professional. I had a wonderful trip travelling South Ethiopia with you. Best of luck to you.
 ~ Sincerely Hens from Montreal, Canada ~
 Regarding Solomon’s service
 Solomon is a capable person both as a driver and helper in an activity someone is engaged. His language ability is good, he is careful, and can communicate easily with local people and his passengers. In general he has a commendable ability. 
~ Ketsela  June 3rd 2005 Ethiopian ~
 Yes please, I want to say that Solomon was great! He was very kind, always looking for our best interest. We like him very much. He has a great music selection. Hurrah for Bob Marley. Oh, and always he gets the best price for his customers. Thank you. Well done. God Bless.
~ 2006, Adam Payton from Winchester ~
 Solomon, thank you very much for everything. You are very Professional. I had a wonderful trip travelling South Ethiopia with you. Best of luck to you. 
~ Sincerely Hens from Montreal, Canada ~
To Solomon
Thank you for all your hard work. Seeing the Ethiopian country side and Indigenous Tribes was a truly great and highly memorable experience. You drove very safely and we had no problems. I hope many more people get to see Ethiopia through your company.
~ Kind regards- Mathew Wood England ~
                          ~ 2007 Jerome Guilbert from Parise/France ~
  Hi Solomon!!!
Yoav and I are very happy for you!!!
We already sent you another Israeli couple that saw our recommendation on an Israeli web site...
Here it is our recommendation for your web site:
Solomon is the king of road!!!!  He is responsible, taking care of all arrangements, funny, makes you laugh a lot, makes sure the trip is right for you especially for what you like.
Yoav and NiliWe travelled with him on September 2007, and we felt so lucky we met him! He introduced us with all traditions, music, we sang together, danced a lot and had an amazing time in Ethiopia thanks to him
  Also, I think you should put a lot more pictures on your web site to make it more attractive; I attached some pictures you can put.
Good luck! Wish you all the best!!!
~ Yoav and Nili. From Israel ~  
 Solomon, I had very good time during this north trip. I learnt a lot about your country, your tradition, your language. I’m very enjoying speaking Amharic now.
Thank you very much for nice places or restaurant where we went with you! I hope your wishes could be realized your own company and the shop beauty for your wife. I promise you next time I will taste ‘Doro wot’
 Thank you again Solomon
 ~ Take care   Delphine Morvan 2007 ( France) ~
 December 4, 2007
Thank you! Solomon for giving us what we wanted relaxing days with new views towards the east. Crocodiles, bird watching, Afar men with big knifes, Coffee ceremony, the very best shiro (Awash), fabulous volcanic landscape, lakes, off road in Awash Park……… That was a good trip!
~ Thanks! Sofia & Armin Sweden ~
 Dear BEST guide / driver / restaurant planner / party-man / friend, Solomon!
 I just came back to Israel 3 days ago after one year in the Caribbean and South America.I want you to know that even though a long time has passed and I have been too many places since I will never forget those 10 special days we had together in Southern Ethiopia.
Amit with Solomon
What an amazing and unique experience I had, and it is all thanks to you. Never forget. Thank you very much and I wish you much success in future trips. I will recommend you to anyone who is considering going to Ethiopia.
 ~Thanks again,Amit ~
 Solomon has a big knowledge about the natural, cultural and people of Ethiopia. We had interesting conversation s and I will never forget my adventure in this beautiful country. I will come back and use again his guidance for my next trip in Ethiopia
  ~ Many thanks! Fniolo ~ 
 As to Solomon I think it was a gift of God to meet such a person on our way. We were discouraged already to go anywhere in Ethiopia, when we meet him just because of accidences. Thanks to him - we had not only interesting and memorable trip to south, visiting tribes. Ethiopian meal culture of information about different aspects of life in Ethiopia. The fact that after a trip to south we decide to ask Solomon to take us to north shows that he is very truthful person, excellent driver and outstanding guide. I did not mention that he is a good friend and I would wish that there would be more people like Solomon.
       When Solomon is getting ready to be your guide be sure that he will drive you carefully, you will get the best food and place to stay qualitative, for usable price and according to your wishes, you wish and everything you wish and more and you will have a memorable, interesting and good surprise that makes you feel as a person who discovers a new world for you.
Best wishes to Solomon
~ Aug. 2007, Kristine from Riga, Latvia ~
 It was so nice to talk with you about your culture and try to learn your language. We had a very good time with you. Spent a time in your car was so funny. I wish you taught will be realized in the future Hope to see you soon
~ Tom from France ~
 Thanks so much for a fantastic trip! Once you found out we were tourists and not business men arriving for the border as fast as we could get there, we had a great time. Only sorry you did not have your tent! You did a great job interpreting our wishes into bringing us t o the best juice ever and the best hot sauce ever, and were very convincing when you informed us that here were no Zebras left in Nechi SAR national park.
 Next times were in Addis, will certainly look up
            The King of the Road!
 ~ Best and thanks. Ariel from U.S.A~
  Thanks for a great tour at the bouts. It was fantastic 6 days Always building, “no problem, I can do it” was always the answer. We got to all the places we wanted to and to many ? about. We improvised a lot and it may very easy with you. I thought I knew (know better. Thanks a lot. Keep smiling, and I hope I will come again soon.
~ Ori from Israel ~
  Dear Solomon, Thank you so much “Ejig betam amessegenaloo” for this wonderful trip together through northern Ethiopia. Indeed time flies. Those 13 days have passed too quickly. Thanks to you we’ve been able to see some of the most beautiful places in Ethiopia, while savoring the local culture through the many nice villages (people) we’ve passed.
 Dear all, Solomon is a very professional driver who always knows exactly what to do. He is very reliable, and always in for a good laugh. Thanks for your friendship! 
~ Catharine & Antoine June, 2008 (Belgium) ~   
  With Solomon I felt very secure and confident. He is the man for the job.
 ~ Ledta Pauelf Canada ~
  In June 2008 we took a trip to the South (Omo Valley) with Solomon. We got to know Solomon by chance, we didn't know him before.
It was a wonderful and the most exciting trip we have ever done in our whole lives!!! Solomon is not only a great driver but also a very experienced tour guide.
Here a few reasons why we can recommend Solomon.
 Solomon drives very carefully and safe and has good knowledge of the streets. He knows his way around in the bushes. He is also a good mechanic and therefore keeps his car in a good condition.
On our next trip we would like to visit the north of Ethiopia. And for sure we will take Solomon again! He is the best driver/tour guide in whole Ethiopia!!!
Solomon, we thank you again for this unforgettable trip in your beautiful country!!!We will be back for sure!!!
 ~ Anisha and Brigitte Santschi, Zurich, Switzerland ~
Special tour for disables 2Special tour for disables
  27 August 2008,  Thank you Solomon!
 When we asked you on the first day of our trip whether you had ever hit an animal, we didn’t really believe you hadn’t, but as we drove with you more, we saw that you were a very safe driver.
 More importantly, we saw that you truly love your country and your job. That made discovering Ethiopia even more exciting for us. You always knew the most beautiful and interesting places to stop!
 We booked a drive for convenience, but got much more. You were a true friend in Ethiopia!
 All the best! 
~ Heather and Stephanie (Canada)~
 08,Sept 2008
 Solomon, my Ethiopian brother.  Thank you!…....Thank you!…….Thank you!! from 7 to 10 days , more memories than I even realize your generosity and kindness, I’ll always remember. Thank you for ..buna…….coke…..scrambled eggs……Injera, an acquired taste my smoke breaks great stops……….amazing villages and people…… great place to stay……bull jumping….. and of course……..amazing opportunities for photos. Thank you! My guide driver and friend.
 ~ John Rohling Las Vegas ~
 Solomon- Thank you for making this trip for us amazing experience,
Nir and Michel
with you’re a best service and kindness,
you should us the south in a different way, a way we won’t forget. Especially that’s for taking us, to the boll jumping and hot letting go even though it was very far and hard way. Keep on enjoying your work like this!!
 ~ Nir and Michal Iserael ~
  Yoho Solomon!
 Thank you for a fantastic trip to the south. We had the best time and enjoyed your company very much. Thanks for showing us the shoulder dance and making my birthday in the Mago National Park very memorable. Our trip went very quickly and I hope someday we will come back and maybe explore another part of Ethiopia. We will confidently recommend you to our friends. New time changing world record!
 ~Thanks again! Marek ~  
 Dear Solomon! 
We had a great time with you from the moment we landed until the moment I’m writing this (soon leaving to the airport) we appreciate all the effort you made for us to change the itinerary they the way we asked and everything you recommended turned about for the best. Hope to see you in Israel some time!
 ~ All the best@  Dudi & Raohel ~
  Hi! Solomon,
It's nice to hear from you. Your website looks excellent! It is very  professional, and you offer a lot of good information for people  thinking about travelling to Ethiopia, which is great. If you'd like to post a message from me on your website, please feel free to post this: "I felt very lucky to have Solomon as a driver/guide during my first  trip to Africa. He was very friendly, and went out of his way to make  sure that we were comfortable and that we got the most out of our  visit to Ethiopia. While driving, Solomon always pointed out places of  interest and pulled over so that we could admire the scenery and  wildlife. He was a great source of information on the language,  customs, and cuisine of the various regions of the country. In the  car, we had a lot of fun learning about different types of Ethiopian  music that Solomon played for us, and also playing Canadian music for  him! One of the highlights of the trip was when Solomon took us to see 
the music played in a local bar, with traditional dancing. Solomon is  also an excellent driver, so we always felt very safe onthe road.  Solomon is a kind and trustworthy person who loves his country and 
takes great pride in showing it to his clients.
~ 12, Sept 2008 Stephanie Giannandrea - Toronto, Canada ~
 Dear Solomon, 
Thank you a wonderful trip to the Omo Valley. He had a fantastic time and it was enjoyable picking your brain about the various tribes. You were an interesting and very informative tour guide and a very safe, careful driver.
 Thank you also for sorting what out all the arrangements for our trip booking hotel rooms, sorting out local guides and entrance fees. It made our trip hassle free and let us just relat and enjoy it!!
~ Keep in touch! Jo (UK) ~
  We only got to spend a short time with Solomon (3 days in total). We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Even in such a short time we felt that we learned so much about Ethiopian history, customs and the people. What's more, Solomon gave us a real sense of Ethiopian friendliness, generosity and humour. My best memory is stopping along the roadside for an impromptu dance to Teddy Afro music. It was a great laugh, especially when the local kids joined in. Solomon has a truly sincere, happy and friendly character, we were sorry to say goodbye.
~ Mick Lynch, Researcher,  Ireland ~
Mounir and NadiaMounir and Nadia in Turmi
 ~ Mounir and Nadia May 2010 Belgium  ~
Maire Claire
Addis - Bahir Dar - Gondar - Simen Mountain – Lalibela – Addis in 7 days with your steady Driving, extensive knowledge of the country, good humor and general coolness. You have made our first but not last! Visit to Ethiopia unforgettable.
 Best wishes for yourself and your future business. May your big heart pound until Ras Dashen is gone.
 Mad love from the Scandinavian speed touring crew!
~ Vamer Andress   Jewly Biemkehil ~
 In the autumn of 2014 I and some fellow international travellers had a great time travelling the mountain back blocks of Ethiopia. Our guide, driver and translator, Solomon made the trip an adventure of a lifetime. I can highly recommend Solomon to people looking for a real Ethiopian journey. He is an outstanding person and very experienced in all things Ethiopian. Of particular interest was our experience of Ethiopian culture via Solomon and his family.
~ Miles Durand, Australia ~
 "Solomon is a very honest and reliable guide and one of the best people I met in Ethiopia, throughout my entire trip he took care of me and my girlfriend and makes sure we will feel comfortable and like us were at home.Hamer tribe Solomon has a lot of experience and patient and he is willing to explain over and over and to help whenever is needed. For conclusion Solomon is really a professional and He gave us a significant added value for our trip".
~ Ziv & Adi from Israel ~
 Yes please, I want to say that Solomon was great! He was very kind, always looking for our best interest. We like him very much. He has a great music selector. Oh, and always he gets the best price for his customers. Thank you. Well done. God Bless
 ~ p.s yeah buddy! ~
  Solomon has now organised trips for me and a small group of friends to four different areas of this wonderfully diverse country of Ethiopia - the Historic Circuit, Harar, Northern Tigray Rock Churches and Omo Valley Tribal Areas.  Each time we have had a marvellous experience due in no short measure to Solomon's welcoming personality, knowledge of his country, organisational and mechanical skills and careful driving.  Whether it was finding local specialities in food or dance, arranging interaction with interesting people, setting up camp in remote, beautiful areas or engaging a good guide for the historic sites, nothing was too much trouble for Solomon who always did everything possible to make us happy.  
I hope many more travellers will choose his company for an unforgettable experience.
~ Pam Gunn, Western Australia, 2008 ~
  Solomon not only competently navigated our group over some of the toughest terrain in the world but also steered our group through Ethiopian culture and cuisine. Solomon's knowledge and experience proved invaluable in creating a trip specifically for our group.
~ Lin Stain, Australia ~
 "Thanks a lot! Solomon (Anini)for the trip we had so much fun in Wonchi crater and we sow so many wild animals on the roof of red 4x4 car in Awash park.  You respect our budget to find good place to stay and restaurant. Even if we had only some days to see Ethiopia, we really discover different landscape  
‘Ameseginalehu’ Salomon
 Awash Park~ Rodrigue & Valerie from France Aug, 2014 ~
 Hie Solomon !  Hope you’re good !!!     
  I send you this testimonial for your web site :  
  How to say... Solomon has an incredible knowledge of his country, he adapts the trip about your wish and also your budget.  He knows all the good restaurants, hostels, host houses, some cheap, some cosy,... Whatever you want, Solomon knows where you will stay for an amazing experience in Ethiopia ! 
Moreover, Solomon shares with you his experience, the culture of his country he's also a great english speaker !! 
Thank you Solomon for this amazing trip in Awash, in August !! 
Wish you all the best,

 ~Thibaud from France (Augest 2014) ~
Igal Groups feegbuck - Copy
29th Sept 2014, Dear Solomon! (Anini) Thank you very much for every parts of this trip! It was just incredible! It was really fun, exciting,Anini is the best
full of learning, good experiences and amazing view and people thank you for your tolerance, for the good will, for all the fun and the Amharic lessons! We won’t forget you. Wait to hear from you when you’ll be in Israel!!! With a lot of love and appreciation.  
~Igal, Bat-Hen, Yitai & Leat from Israel~
     18th -25th Nov 2014, Travel to Northern Ethiopia, Northern Historic Route together with Anini Tour Operators for Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, Mr. Solomon Seyoum, the owner and managing director. We had a very special and beautiful experience when doing an individual 8-days travel, booked quite shortly at individual dates and rates. We had limited time to stay in Ethiopia, only three weeks, and had to organize both our family wedding ceremony and a trip to Lalibela. Been given good hints by friends and family, we checked out for Anini, well presented on the internet, and we were convinced about the detailed information from the beginning. While comparing prices and benefits to other tour services the decision was made to choose Anini tours for their rightly convincing Traveler’s Testimonials. Mr. Axel Me myself, a mid-aged German with some Ethiopia experience, newly married to my ‘Habesha’ wife who also hardly visited the north of the country, along with our travelling-experienced mother, some seventy years of age, formed a quite heterogeneous group of interests and energy, an so we went on an astonishing tour, full of spectacular sights. Solomon chose to guide the tour himself, and so we experienced nearly all what former travelers had already said and testified: He is a very skilled and safe driver with remarkable experience and good feeling for road and machine. He is certainly the most empathic guide I have ever seen on tour, with fine senses for decent humor and joyful, celebrating moments. He never forgot to cheer up anyone of us with astonishing cultural and landscape experiences, when once suffering a little from typical Addis Ababa sneezes. All the same he cherishes also the silent moments. His main goal is to make happy. Thank You, Solomon! While travelling consequently forward along planned route, we never hurried or hit the road for making strained distances. We had time to experience everything, for example Tis Abay waterfalls after sunset with an oncoming thunderstorm atmosphere and boat trip, as well as safe evening travel trough abundant land rain and relaxing time in the castle hotel. Personally my most enjoyed experiences were visiting a holy crater lake and later the Awura-Amba Community with their visitors and production area, and their seminal way of life. Spread the word ... We had so many beautiful experiences, best food (both Habesha and European) and best choice for hotel accommodation, so hardly any wishes were left remaining. The final celebration evening before the flight was marvelous. After all, travelling one week together as three women and two men like one family (yes indeed!) created a new friendship and a first address contact in Ethiopia. I shall recommend Solomon from Anini Tours to anyone whom it may concern. See you next year and thanks a lot!
~ Axel Hornung from Germen ~

 11th April 2015. 

Dear Solomon, Thank you so much for a dream comes true! It was an amazing trip thanks to you. You are so caring, so professional and kind!  It was interesting beyond our expectations and suitable for our little kids. We enjoyed every minute from the experience we appreciate so much that you took care of us and showed us all the beautiful places and people. You were very sensitive to realize what we really needed and made us so happy and satisfied.Anini Tour Operators Ethiopia OMO valley Tour

 We will never forget this trip! (OMO valley & Bale Mautain) Thank you so much for having us at your home. Thanks to your kind family that looked after our kids while you were taking us to the Merkato (Largest market in Africa) you are the best!

 Dekel and Kelman Families with love and appreciation; Assaf, Liron, Ziv, Erel, Adi, Ofer, Mika, Yair, and Daphne from Israel

 Toda Raba!