Blue Nile Falls: The Blue Nile Falls is a waterfall on the Blue Nile river in Ethiopia. It is known as Tis Abay in Amharic, meaning \"smoking water\". It is situated on the upper course of the river, about 30 km downstream from the town of Bahir Dar and Lake Tana. The falls are considered one of Ethiopia\\\'s best known tourist attractions.
Semen Mountains - Gelada Baboon: The Simien mountain massif is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dejen (4543m), which is the fourth highest peak in the continent.
Wenchi Crater Lake: Wenchi Crater Lake is 140 Km west of Addis Ababa. The local community have developed the crater for ecotourism activities. The crater with its large lake and traditional villages offer hiking, boating/canoeing, horseback riding, sailing, paragliding, forest exploration
Dalol is 150 meters below sea level, 100 km from north west of active the volcano Erta Ale, the lowest part of Danakil Depression. It is a extremely hot (with an average temperature of 30-50 degree centigrade)

10- Days itinerary of OMO valley

Day-1-Addis- Arbaminch

Day-2-Excursion to Lake Chamo & Dorze.


Day-4-Excursionto visit the Mursi village via Mago National

Day-5-Jinka- Turmi.

Day-6-Excursion to Omorate.

Day-7-Excursion to Karo & Demeka



Day-10-Hawasa-Addis Ababa

Day-1-Addis- Arbaminch. We have the first stop at pre- historical site of Melka-Kunture and church of Adadi Mariam, the southern-most rock hewn church in Ethiopia, and the steles of Tiya. Finally, passing through the wonderful panoramic landscape of the Hadiya and Wolayita People. Lunch in Sodo town then drive to Dorze climbing up to visit the highland people. Afterward continue to Arbaminch stay in Lodge/Hotel

Day-2-Excursion to Lake Chamo & Dorze. Make a boat trip on Lake Chamo where the longest and fattest crocodiles in Africa take a sunbath on the shoreline. Hippos hide themselves under the water and you will also see a good range of birds including; weavers, sunbirds, waxbills and colonies pelicans. Having a lunch in Arbaminch & drive to Dorze, the road slowly ascends to the top, where it gives you a panoramic view to the Lake Abaya and Lake Chamo then visit the Dorze village. The Dorze are famous for constructing distinguished beehive shaped huts, terrace cultivation and the best weaving work of Ethiopia. Overnight stay Hotel/Lodge

Day-3-Arba-Minch-Jinka. Passing the terraced mountains of Konso with magnificent view of Woyto valley you drive to Jinka, if you the day is Thursday you will have the opportunities to visit the Key afar market, which gather; the Hammer, Benna, Ari and Tsmay ethnic groups. Depending on your arrival you be able to visit Jinka museum & researching. Overnight stay in Hotel/Campsite

Day-4-Excursionto visit the Mursi village via Mago National Park
To visit the Mursi tribe, you have to cross a part of the Mago N.P on a track through the bush where many Dik-Diks (Small Antelopes) and some lesser Kudu can be seen on the savanna plains.
The Mursi are well known for the big clay plates the women put up with their lower lip and earlobe. The origin of this tradition is not known but the Mursi themselves consider it as something that makes them distinguish from the surrounding tribes and to make the women unattractive for slave-market. But at the present time it is considered as a sign of beauty and wealth. When you back to Jinka, you have to visit museum & researching Center. Overnight stay in Jinka

Day-5-Jinka- Turmi. Having breakfast & visit fascinating Ari village just before we leave from Jinka  to Turmi via Key-Afer  & Dimeka. Overnight stay in Lodge, hotel or campsite in Turmi.

Day-6-Excursion to Omorate. To visit Dasenech village
today we have to drive through the wilderness of the Omo valley to the Dasenech who are living on the other side of the Omo River. To reach their village you cross the river with wooden canoe which is made from giant tree. Afterward drive back and attend If there bull jumping  ceremony or Evangadi/traditional Hamer night dance in one of their village. / Overnight back to hotel/campsite

Day-7-Excursion to Karo & Demeka. Early in the morning, drive to visit the Karo tribe and it is possible to meet them along the river. Visit one of their villages, located on a hill just on top of the Omo River which known as ‘Kolcho’ Afterward, drive back to Turmi. On Mondays a big colorful market takes place, where people gather from the whole region. If you are on Tuesday or on Saturday, another excursion to Dimeka and visit fascinating market of Hamer, Benna & Karo tribes get together. Overnight, stay in Turmi.

Day-8-Turmi-Yabello.  You have to leavefrom Turmi to Konso via Arbore and visit these particular tribes on their village. Continue to visit the society of the Konso brag a rich culture and a highly dedicated and successful agricultural economy by their home-grown way of terracing the steep slopes for cultivation of Coffee, sorghum, different grains different kind fruit & vegetables. Visit one of Konso village. Afterward, continue to Yabello. Overnight stay in Hotel.

Day-9-Yabello-Hawassa. Today, we have to drive through the region of Gedeo and Sidama people. The hills and mountains are intensively cultivated in this densely populated area. In Hawassa you can also walk around love lake side the ditch to for nice sunset and aquatic birds; Malachite, pied Kingfisher, Long necked Cormorants, Storks, Herons, Egyptian goose, and so on. Overnight stay in Hotel.

Day-10-Hawasa-Addis Ababa.   Today before we start driving back to Addis, we will visit the attractive morning Fish market in Hawassa where the fisher men sell their fishes Tilapia & Catfish where as Pelicans and Marabou Storks are competing to take the left over. You can also spot Black and White Colobus /Gureza/monkey in the ‘Amora-Gedel’ then continue to national park of the lakes Abijata and Shalla, two lakes which, despite of being just a short distance away from each other. Very different in their natural habitats. Reaching Debrezeit,   take a break at one of its four beautiful lakes. On the late afternoon, you will arrive in Addis Ababa. Enjoy with traditional farewell dinner with Ethiopian cultural music and dancing presentations. In the evening transfer to the airport and flight of return.

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