Wenchi Crater Lake

Wenchi Lake is situated in the crater of a massive 3400 metre volcano approximately 100  km west of Addis. It is possible to visit the lake in one day but it is preferable to overnight in either Ambo or Woliso towns which are the north side and south sides of the mountain respectively. It is an hour drive from both towns up the flanks of the mountain to the crater.

Nature  Wonchi Crater Western Part of Ethiopia

From the viewpoint at the roadhead there is an expansive and spectacular view into and across the crater and its large lake. Several hundred metres below is the monastery island of Wenchi Chirkos. The crater is more than 10 km across and within its walls there are traditional Oromo villages, hot springs, a hot waterfall, the ancient monastery and forested canyons where colobus monkeys and other wildlife are common.

The local community operate an ecotourism initiative and it is possible to spend a whole day in the crater exploring the  villages, lake, monastery island and forests by a combination of horseback, boat and walking. It is a wonderful trip full of surprises and highly recommended.




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