Abiata-Shala National Park

Abiata Shala National Park is 215 kilometress south of Addis Ababa.   It is 887 sq km in area out of which 482 sq k is covered by water of Lake Abiata and Shala. This park once had have about 31 species of mammals such as Spotted Hyena, Golden and Black Backed Jackals, Olive Baboon, Grant’s Gazelle, etc and 367 species of birds. Due to combination of population pressure and livestock incursions and  But currently due to devastated ecology and a  decrease of the Abiata water level lake water the parks ecology has been severely damaged.

In the past  myriads of local and exotic birds that come from Europe and different parts of the world used to congregate here in at Lake Abiata, with July to September being the peak season of congregation (and best time to watch birds) in the year. Hundreds of thousands of Flamingoes and Great White Pelicans, Fish Eagles, King Fishers, the tall Marabou Stork, Cormorants and Darters, etc. used to occur here in Lake Abiata and in the adjacent Shala crater. There were also vast colonies of sacred Ibis, Quelea, Stilt, Snipe Black Heron, Avocet, Egyptian Geeze, Egrets, Plovers and many others. Despite the significant decline in the condition of the park it is still an excellent bird watching location.

A  fascinating part of the park is the Gike Site situated on the south western shore of Lake Shala. This is the best site for bird watching and camping. Neaby is the small alkaline crater lake known as lake Chittu. At times this lake contains 20,000 or more flamingoes.  

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