Awash National Park

Awash National Park coversover 756 sq km and is situated   is situated at 225 km south east of Addis on the rift floor on the road to Harar. Both the main  highway and Djibouti railway traverse the heart of the park, most of which is at 1100-1200m in elevation.

Established in 1966, Awash National Park is the first officially gazetted wildlife reserve in the country. While most of the park is covered in grassy plains, acacia woodland and scrub, at its centre is the  With the exception of 2600m Fantale volcano.

The area is traditional grazing of the pastoralist Kereyou and Afar tribes and the environment is degraded. The population of big mammals is limited and includes Oryx, gazelle,  hamadryas baboon, kudu, hyena, leopard and lion. It is a superb birding location with more than 400 species being recorded. The impressive Awash falls is within the park, some beautiful riverine forest and although difficult to access the huge crater on Fantale volcano is well worth a visit. On the north side of the volcano is an extensive area of hot springs and doum palms used jointly by the Afar tribesmen and hamadryas baboons.

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