Events & Festivals

Festivals and other special events are colourful and lively events which you can enjoy participating in at different times throughout the year.

There are both religious and secular events.

Some of these happen as public mass events, while others take place mainly at home in the family.

Highlights for tourists are the Christian Orthodox Festivals of Epiphany -Timkat (January 19th), Easter –Fasika , Ethiopian New Year –Inkutatash (September 11th), Finding of the True Cross –Meskal (September 27th) and Ethiopian Christmas –Gena (January 6th-7th). There are many other events of interest including Christian and Muslim pilgrimages. ATOE can advise you when these take place and develop trips to enable you to attend these if you wish.

Enkutatesh (New Year Celebration)

Meskel (finding of true cross)

Timket (Ethiopian Epiphany)

Genna (Ethiopian Christmas)

St. Mary of Zion festival

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