Axum and its ancient civilization

History Axum The Biggest Obelisk in the World

Axum is located in Tigray Region in  the north of Ethiopia some 1005 km from Addis Ababa at the northernmost apex of the historical circuit.

Axum is the oldest city in Ethiopia. It is also the most holy for the Orthodox church. In ancient times, Axum served as a political and religious center of Ethiopia. It was the capital of the Axumite Kingdom and is considered as the first well-known permanent capital in the history of the country.

It has still a considerable symbolic role for the Ethiopian church and state. During its long history, Axum greatly contributed to many human developments. It has been a repository of tremendous archaeological and historical treasures including the stelae, the rock-tombs, temples, the palaces, the stone thrones and other ancient relics and monuments.

As with Lalibela and  the Gondar Castles no tourist visit to Ethiopia should miss Axum and its archaeological, historical and religious past.



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