Temple of Yeha

The Yeha ruins are 2700 years old and are the oldest known archaeological site  in Ethiopia. The ruins pre-date the Axumite archaeological site. The ruins are located in Tigray Region near the city of Adua close the famous  battle site where Emperor Menelik defeated the Italian army in 1895. The ruins are surrounded by dramatic volcanic peaks ringing the valley basin where the battle took place.

History Yeha Temple

The ruins are dominated by  the large square temple and dated to 500 B.C. The temple was built using stone blocks without mortar, and is supposed to be the oldest building in Ethiopia. The ruins of the temple consist of a single roofless oblong chamber. The remaining one wall of the temple is still standing to a height of 12 meters. Many stone-carved inscriptions were also discovered in and around Yeha. They are most likely the earliest inscriptions that have ever been discovered in Ethiopia.

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