Meskel / Demera

During the 8th conference of intangible cultural heritages(2013/12/06) UNESCO decided to add the Meskel festivities on its list of Representative List of the Intangible Cultural heritage of Humanity. "Rooted in the religious and cultural traditions of Ethiopia and passed on from generation to generation, the Meskel festival promotes social unity, integration and diversity across the nation." Based on the belief that cultural heritages is not limited to monuments and other material edifices, UNESCO also includes traditions and living expressions on its lists of cultural heritages in the hopes of fostering intercultural dialogue, and encouraging mutual respect for the diverse ways of life in the world.

Meskel, celebrated across Ethiopia on 26th of September to commemorate the unearthing of the True Cross, is an occasion for Ethiopians that promotes spirituality through reconciliation, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence. In deciding to inscribe the Meskel commemoration in Representative List

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