The Lower Omo Valley

The Lower Valley of the Omo is a palaeo-anthropological site designated world heritage in 1980. It  is located in south-western Ethiopia. It extends over an area of 165 sq km. The age old sedimentary deposits in the Lower Omo Valley are now world renowned for the discovery of many hominid fossils, that have been of fundamental importance in the study of human evolution.

The Omo valley and  surrounding areas are also well known for their National Parks and diversity of tribes still living traditional life styles. The Mago and Omo  National parks are one of the few areas in the country where it is possible to see big game. 

The Lower Omo valley is a region where age-old African customs are still practiced. Omo tribes are known for their physical beauty and interesting traditional villages and practices. The Hamar, Mursi, Karo , Surma and other tribes use body ornamentation, scarification and hairstyles for symbolism and expression of beauty.

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