10 Day Itinerary Bird Watching Southern Ethiopia


Day 1 - Arrival in Addis Ababa.

Day 2 - Drive to debrezeit.

Day 3 - Drive to Abiata-Shala National Park.

Day 4 - Drive to Lake Hawassa.

Day 5 - Hawassa to Wondo Genet.

Day 6 - Drive to Bale Mountains National Park.

Day 7 - Dinsho to Sanetti Plateau.

Day 8 - Drive Bale to Awash National Park.

Day 9 - Awash to Addis Ababa.

Day 10 - Full day city tour of Addis Ababa.

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The following ten day tour is an example of what ATOE can organise. Shorter or longer tailor made bird watching tours can be designed in consultation with clients.
10 Days Itinerary Bird Watching in Southern Ethiopia
This tour will be accompanied by an experienced local bird watching guide

Day 1 - Arrival in Addis Ababa. Met at airport by ATOE representative. Depending on arrival time a visit will be made to Entoto Natural Park on the northern margins of Addis Ababa. Overnight Hotel

Day 2 - Drive to Debre Zeit and visit Chelekleka lake and wetland where there are a wide range of aquatics depending on the season. These include knob billed duck, pygmy geese, spurwing goose, tufted duck, ruff, pelican, yellow billed stork, spoonbill, common and crowned cranes, egrets, white-winged black tern and flamingo's. Here we also visit one of the Debre Zeit crater lakes where an extensive suite of both water and bushland birds can be observed.
Further south we stop along the highway at Koka dam and the Awash river. A large number of aquatics can be sighted and at Ziway which has both open water and marshland habitats. Ziway is most important Rift valley lakes fro birds. Diedericks cuckoo, slender tailed nightjar, black winged lovebird, fan tailed raven, Marico sunbird, bearded woodpecker,Hemprich's hornbill, bare faced go away bird saddle billed storks, lesser and greater flamingo, goliath heron, golden plover, marabou, hamerkop, jacana, black crake, kingfishers and many other waterbirds can be seen. Overnight hotel.

Day 3 - Drive to Abiata-Shala National Park. We travel south from Ziway across the rift floor where acacia woodland birds can be sighted. The day is spent in the Abiata-Shala national park and nearby Langano lake where a wide range of aquatics, shorebirds and acacia woodland birds can be seen. enjoy the. Overnight hotel.

Day 4 - Drive to Lake Hawassa. We travel south to Hawassa Lake and the SNNPR Capital city of Hawassa.
At Lake Hawassa it is possible to see 100 species of birds in a couple of hours birding along the lakeshore and in the tall acacia woodland fringing the lakeside. We take a lake afternoon walk along the lakeshore.
Overnight hotel.

Day 5 - Hawassa to Wondo Genet. We spend the majority of the day birding in the forest at Wondo Genet. Here can be seen bBack-headed forest oriole, White cheeked Turaco, Narina trogon, Silvery cheeked hornbill, Yellow-fronted parrot, Senegal coucal, Abyssinian woodpecker, , Banded and Double toothed barbet, lemon dove and many more. Overnight hotel.

Day 6 - Drive to Bale Mountains National Park. Departing Wondo Genet we climb up into the eastern highland and the Bale Mountain National Park. Bale NP has an impressive bird poulation and is one of the best places in the world for birds of prey. More than 15 Ethiopian endemics occur within the park. The juniper and hagenia forest around the Park headquarters in Dinsho is a rich place for birding with many endemics to be sighted including black winged lovebird, abyssinian catbird, abyssinian slaty flycatcher, white collared pigeon white backed black tit, wattled ibis, rougets rail, byssinian longlaw and broad billed raven. Overnight Dinsho Lodge.
On the nearby Gassay plain there are both wetland and grassland birds including blue winged goose and several different eagles. Here there is also the opportunity to see some of Bale's mammals including Mountain Nyala, Menelik's bushbuck, warthog, serval cat, Bohor reedbuck.

Day 7 - Dinsho to Sanetti Plateau. Dinsho is at 3200 metres. On this day we climb up to 4000 metres via the highland town of Goba. Continuing beyond the plateau we descend into the Harena Forest where at 2500 metres there is a rich avi-fauna of forest birds. On the Afro-alpine moorlandsand lakes of Sanetti we can see alpine chat, black headed siskin, moorland and chestnut francolin, blue winged goose, wattled ibis, ruddy shelduck, augur buzzard and migrant waterfowl and possibly the rare wattled crane. Additionally it is almost certain to see the Ethiopian wolf.
In the Harena forest you will see the black-headed oriole, white cheeked uraco, yellow fronted parrot, Abyssinian woodpecker, African cuckkoo hawk and brown backed honey guide. Overnight camping or in the new Bale Mountain Lodge in Kacha clearing.

Day 8 - Drive Bale to Awash National Park. Today we retrace our journey back up the rift valley then eastward from Nazret to the Awash National Park. The park is one of the best bird watching areas in Ethiopia with over 450 species recorded. It has a wide variety of habitats from grasslands, savannah woodlands, riverine forests, the Awash river gorge, lakes, wetlands and harsh volcanic terrain, including that of 2500 metre high Fantale volcano. Birds of prey are well represented, grassland (including 7 species of bustards) and woodland birds, and numerous aquatics on Lake Besaka Overnight in Lodge.

Day 9 - Awash to Addis Ababa. en route back to Addis we will will spend more time at lakes Hora and Babogaya in Debre Zeit. These lakes have an extensive avi-fauna. Overnight hotel in Addis.

Day 10 - Full day city tour of Addis Ababa. In the evening farewell dinner party and departure.

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