18 Day Itinerary Simien Mountains Trekking


Day 1 - Addis Ababa.

Day 2 - Addis Ababa City tour.

Day 3 - Addis to Debre-Markos.

Day 4 - Debra Marcos to Bahar Dar.

Day 5 - Bahar Dar-Gondar.

Day 6 - City tour in Gondar.

Day 7 - Gonder to the Simien Mountains.

Day 8 - Trek to Geech Camp.

Day 9 - Trek to Chenek Campsite.

Day 10 - Trek Amibikwa campsite.

Day 11 - Trek to the Summit of Ras Dashen.

Day 12 - Trek back to Chenek.

Day 13 - Half-day trekking and drive back to Debark.

Day 14 - Debark to Axum.

Day 15 - City tour in Axum.

Day 16 - Fly Axum to Lalibela.

Day 17 - Continue visiting the attractions in and around Lalibela.

Day 18 - Fly Lalibela to Addis Ababa.

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Day 1 - Addis Ababa. Arrivalat Addis Ababa Bole International Airport. Met by Anini Tours representative and transfer to hotel.

Day 2 - Addis Ababa. City tour in Addis Ababa established in 1886 by Emperor Menelik II and Empress Taitu. Visit 3000m Entoto mountain with panoramic views over the capital the National & Ethnographic museum, St George, Trinity cathedral and Merkato which is the biggest open air market in Africa. Overnight, stay in the hotel

Day 3 - Addis to Debre-Markos. Depart AddisNorthern Ethiopia. On the way visit one of Orthodox’s most holy sites: the Debre-Libanos monastery founded in the 13th century by Abune Tekle-Haimanot, one of Ethiopia's most celebrated saints. Fom Debre Libanos the main route continues north to the Canyon of the Blue Nile or Abay river. The road descends 1500 metres winding spectacularly downwards into the canyoon to the river far below. It is one of the most dramatic roads in the country. After climbing out of the canyon the road 2500m high Gojam plateau to Debre-Markos. Overnight, stay in Hotel.

Day 4 - Debra Marcos to Bahar Dar. to the shoreLake Tana. The route crosses the high Gojam plains, well-known for its Teff production. Tef is the staple grain of the Ethiopian diet. Midway to Bahar Dar, visit the beautiful Zengena crater lake.This region is occupied by the Agew nation where the name of our company. Anini means Bamboo in the Agew people. Upon arrival in Bahirdar, Hotel check in, having lunch & drive 45 minutes on unpaved road to tiny village Tis- Abay (Tis-Isat) which mean smoke of fire, nominated from Blue Nile waterfall. The round trip takes 1.5 hour walking with a short boat crossing of the Blue Nile River in order to have a great close up view of the falls and a free shower from the water smoke at the base of the falls. Return to Bahar Dar to overnight and enjoy local fish for dinner.

Day 5 - Bahar Dar-Gondar. In the morning, visit the Island monasteriesLake Tana. These include medieval island monasteries such as Kibran-Gabriel, Entos-Eyesus. On the Zege peninsula visit Ura Kidan Mehiret, Azuwa Mariam, Mahal Giorgis and finally, the outlet of the Blue Nile river from the lake. Return to Bahar Dar for lunch, have some lunch then continue to Gondar a 3 hour drive. Overnight, stay in hotel.

Day 6 - City tour in Gondar. Visit the Royal Enclosure that is surrounded by high stone walls containing the 17th century palaces of King Fasil, King Iyasu, Queen Mentewab and different other buildings. Visit also Fasiladas’ Bath, (that is filled with water for the important Timkat (epiphany) ceremony once a year) In the afternoon visit the church of Debre Berhan Selassie which has a ceilings decorated with beautiful winged Angels. If there is time visit Kuskuwam Complex which is a royal compound built by the Empress Mentewab. Inside the palace look out the figures of crosses and Ethiopian characters and animals, such as St. Samuel riding his lion. Enjoy a great view over the city from the hilltop Goha hotel. Overnight stay in the Hotel.

Day 7 - Gonder to the Simien Mountains. On route to Simien a stopover is made at the last remaining Felasha village ” (African Jews). The Simien National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The highest mountain is Ras Dashen, 4,543 m and the park has some of the best mountain scenery in Africa. Here you will see amethyst-colored peaks and deep gorges. The cliffs and ledges areto the endemic Walia Ibex, Semien fox (Ethiopian Wolf) and Gelada Baboons. It is a superb trekking destination. Accomodation options are either staying in the Simien lodge or camping in Sankaber.
The following trek is a guided trek with mules, horses, cook and horsemen t ocarry all camping equipment, food and trekkers luggage.

Day 8 - Trek to Geech Camp. From the Sankaber camp the trail descends into the Michotis Valley then climbs up the far side of the valley. On your is the Jin Bahir River plummeting as a spectacular waterfall into the Geech Abyss. Overnight, stay in Geech Campsite

Day 9 - Trek to Chenek Campsite. Depart from Chenek campsite and walk to with day packs to the escarpment edge at Saha and Imet-Gogo (3,926m) for staggering views over the canyonlands far below characterized by its rocky spires. Overnight, stay in Chenek campsite.

Day 10 - Trek Amibikwa campsite. Leave Chenek campsite cross Buahit mountain pass at 4100m and descend into the Mesheha River valley (2850m) and up the other side to Ambikwa camp at 3,200m. Overnight stay in Amibikwa campsite.

Day 11 -Trek to the Summit of Ras Dashen This is the most challenging day of the trek up to the summit of Ras-Dashen. This requires an early morning start and takes a full day. Late in afternoon trek back to Amibikwa camp for overnight stay. Overnight, stay in Amibikwa campsite.

Day 12 - Trek back to Chenek Where the car waits to you to drive back for the next day. Overnight, camping at Chenek.

Day 13 - Half-day trekking and drive back to Debark Today after having a breakfast we make a short trekking around Chenek to see both Geladas and Walia Ibex then you will drive back to Debark. Overnight, stay in Simien Park Hotel.

Day 14 - Debark to Axum.The journey from Debark tois highly scenic. Shortly beyond Debark the road zig zags steeply down from the Wolkefit pass. This road was originally built by the Italians in the mid thirties and is a masterpiece of Italian engineering and construction. There are many hairpin bends and it is slow going traversing the rugged canyonlands of the Tacaze river system. The descent to the river is 3000m meters After crossing the canyonlands the road climbs back up onto the plateau and arrives in the Tigrayan city of Axum. Overnight in hotel.

Day 15 - City tour in Axum. Axum is a town with impressive monuments that testify to the glorious past of the mighty Kingdom of Axum (1-700 A.D.) The monuments are world heritage listed. During the day you will visit the famous Axum Obelisks (steles) St. Mary of Zion church (which is believed to house the Ark of Covenant) and archaeological museum, the ruins palace & swimming pool of Queen Sheba. Outside Axum it is possible to see the tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskel dating on 6th century. They are a great example of the sheer sophistication of Axumite architecture and building techniques. Overnight, stay in Hotel.

Day 16 - Fly Axum to Lalibela It takes two days to get the best out of visiting the Lalibela rock churches in the town and surrounding areas. The first day is spent visit ing the rock-hewn churches which are clustered in three different places separated by River Jordan. This first day will be spent visiting the first and the third groups of churches. Overnight stay in a Lalibela hotel.

Day 17 - Continue visiting the attractions in and around Lalibela. On the second day in Lalibela in the morning an excursion to is made to Ashetan Mariam monastery by mule or driving. An hour north of north of Lalibela by road & few minute climb walking brings you to the cave church of Yemrehane Christos. After lunch in Lalibela, spend the afternoon visting the second groups of rock churches. Overnight, stay in Hotel.

Day 18 - Fly Lalibela to Addis Ababa and departure back home. In Addis there will be time to for shopping in the Merkato or in the numerous souvenir shops and to visit art galleries. Spend your last evening enjoying a traditional farewell dinner with Ethiopian cultural music and dancing. Either spend the night in Addis or the evening transfer to the airport for return flight.

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