Travel Plans & Costs

We encourage you to write to us and help us plan your trip. Once you and we are satisfied you have designed what you are looking for, we will tell you what it will cost.
To do this please provide us with the following general information. We will then write to you with a suggested plan and itinerary. Together we can fine tune this until you are happy with the final design. We will then send you details of cost and practical issues which you need to consider before commencing your trip.

a) What is your main interest in visiting Ethiopia? What other interests do you have?
b) Have you been to Africa or Ethiopia before, if so where and what type of trip have you done?
c) When do you wish to come and how long is your proposed trip?
d) How many are there in your group?
e) What type of accommodation will you be expecting–best possible hotels, tourist class hotels, more basic hotels if only these are available, camping. If you are happy with a combination of any of these please? tell us. This latter option will enable all types of trip to be taken.

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